Help us fund 2019 Wild Maine Witchcamp!

We are making the final preparations for Wild Maine Witchcamp 2019  and we find that we are in need of financial assistance to break even and make camp happen this year. We are a pay what you can, no one turned away for lack of funds camp, and we have a lot of registered campers whose ability to help us raise the funds we need is limited. Capitalism sucks!

We’re asking our co-conspirators, allies, fellow witches, family, and friends to give generously, as you are able, to help us meet our funding requirements for this year’s camp. We need about $5500 more than what we currently have, in order to break even. The money you donate will go toward our rental fee for the camp facility we use, to pay for food and the labor of our excellent caterer, to pay for transportation for some of our camp teachers, and other incidentals.

We have created a GoFundMe page to help us reach this goal.  Please know that whatever you can give will be profoundly appreciated. We also hope you’ll encourage your like-minded friends to give and share this fundraiser around.

Camp is scheduled for October 6 – 11, 2019 and we need to make sure we break even, so we can make camp happen, by Sunday, September 22, 2019.

Access our GoFundMe page for WMWC 2019 here!

You can find direct donation links on our website’s Donation page, and you can find an explanation of expenses and our camps financial breakdown on our Camp Finances page.  Thank you for all your support in helping us make this years 2019 WMWC even more accessible and community based than ever before!


What is Wild Maine Witchcamp ? Read about us below!

Wild Maine Witchcamp is a gathering in the Reclaiming tradition , with specific values of inclusivity, physical & financial accessibility, and a deep connection with the Maine land as well as the earth in general. Camp will be located in a beautiful forest on a stunning piece of coastline, with tall trees and beautiful beaches.

We gather in Wabanaki territory, so called Maine. We honor here that we are on unceded stolen land.

We gather to weave together in community and earth-based spiritual work. We work towards personal, collective and planetary healing.

We seek to create a space that works towards cultural shifting. We abide by a set of values that is explicitly anti-racist, queer and trans positive. A space where we tend to each other and learn from one another. We work towards justice of all forms: environmental, social, political, racial, gender and sexuality, physical ability and disability, financial status and class. We hope to create containers that hold the complexities power, privilege and histories of oppression and trauma. And to honor all of the stories and lived experiences.

We seek to create an environment of curiosity, leaning into our growth edges and radical self care. While we tend to one another and look out for one another it is also a space of radical self care and self governance. We seek to create an ever growing and inclusive range of experiences and backgrounds. Camp is a co-created experience and we invite you to find your place within this web. The times we face cannot be faced alone.