Accessibility Statement

Wild Maine Witchcamp is committed to making our camp as accessible as possible for people with varying levels of ability and disability. Our camp is at a fairly rustic facility in the woods on the Maine coast, and may present significant challenges for some people, but we are willing to try to make adaptations for those who reach out to us to communicate about their needs.

Much of the outdoor terrain may be difficult to traverse for those using mobility devices. Some of the pathways are gravel, which can be hard to navigate.  We do have returning campers using mobility devices, including a wheelchair, who have been able to get around with varying amounts of assistance.

There is some potential for outside instruction during path-time, or for outdoor evening rituals.  Activities are expected to take place outdoors at least part of the time (weather permitting), so please plan to pack whatever you need for protection from the sun and other elements.

There are many grassy outdoor spaces, some flat and some with a variety of sloping levels.  To reach the ocean water, one must cross a wide expanse of sloping lawn and descend a set of stairs.  Affinity group meetings take place in various locations, but you and your group can decide what works best for your needs.

We have two cabins with electricity, but most without. Most cabins have steps to get in. Two cabins have showers and full bathrooms with hot, running water. One is nominally accessible with a ramp but requires assistance to access the ramp through difficult terrain. This cabin has three sleeping rooms and a full accessible bathroom with hot, running water. There are available showers in two other spaces, and outdoor showers as well, but they are less fully accessible. We’re working with the site managers to correct this issue before our camp begins, and they’ve committed to fixing it, but we unfortunately don’t have control over this. The dining hall cabin, where many of the “all camp” activities will likely take place, has a good ramp and two accessible bathrooms. In past years, we’ve also had accessibility helper(s) to enable folks to reach the less-accessible areas. We anticipate making all camp-wide activities physically accessible for everyone.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

The camp will not have amplification or other assistance for the D/deaf and Hard of Hearing this year, but we might be able to include it in the future if someone contacts us with that need.

We strive to make our camp accessible to Witchcampers with allergies and chemical sensitivities. To that end, we ask that all campers do not bring any scented products with them to camp to accommodate for this. Please leave your scented perfumes and products at home, and only bring unscented personal products, such as unscented sunscreen, unscented soap, and unscented bug spray.  Additionally, we are working to ensure that the indoor spaces are welcoming for folks with chemical sensitivities as well. Last year one of the larger buildings smelled of mold, and therefore was not usable for us as a community; we are in talks with the site managers to make sure this is not a problem for 2019 camp.

If you have concerns or questions about your ability to participate in camp due to a disability, please reach out to us. One of our organizers has a mobility disability and is willing to answer questions about any of these issues.

Financial Accessibility: Wild Maine Witchcamp uses a Pay As You Can, No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds model. This means you can come and pay zero dollars and share the same experience with someone who pays $1,000. It also means we rely on those of you who can pay to do so. This is part of our magic and our activism. For more information about camp costs and our No-One-Turned-Away-For-Lack-Of-Funds (NOTAFLOF) policy, see our Camp Finances page.