Camp Culture

Welcome to Wild Maine Witch Camp.   Glad that you have found us! The following speaks to the culture we seek to create here at camp in hopes that it ripples out into our communities. We speak explicitly about our values here at camp so that we may create strong foundations of interwoven lived values.

We gather in Wabanaki territory, so called Maine.  We honor here that we are on unceded stolen land.

We gather to weave together in community and earth-based spiritual work. We work towards personal, collective and planetary healing.

WMWC is committed to creating a safe(r) space in which transgender and queer identities are affirmed, racism and cultural appropriation are not tolerated, and radical magic rooted in the wild can be made manifest. 

We seek to create a space that works towards cultural shifting. We abide by a set of values that is explicitly anti-racist, queer and trans positive. A space where we tend to each other and learn from one another. We work towards justice of all forms: environmental, social, political,  racial, gender and sexuality, physical ability and disability, financial status and class. We hope to create containers that hold the complexities power, privilege and histories of oppression and trauma. And to honor all of the stories and lived experiences.

We seek to create an environment of curiosity, leaning into our growth edges and radical self care. While we tend to one another and look out for one another it is also a space of radical self care and self governance. Please seek out the support that you need as needs arise. We seek to create an ever growing and inclusive range of experiences and backgrounds. Camp is a co-created experience and we invite you to find your place within this web. The times we face cannot be faced alone.

Camp is a collaborative endeavor, and to keep costs low everyone will be pitching in to help camp go smoothly, from sweeping floors and washing dishes to making announcements, handing out name tags, and keeping the coffee pot going.

All campers will be asked to contribute to making the daily life of camp happen.  Each camper will be asked to fulfill at least one Kitchen shift, either helping with meal prep or meal cleanup.  Other volunteer shifts will be available as well for campers to contribute to, in addition to multiple kitchen shifts.  Some options include Care space volunteers, and emotional tenders. More information will be given to folks about these roles during camp orientation and in the welcome packets.

Camp is a space free of recreational intoxicant use. For more information about this, please see our Substance Use and Harm Reduction Policy.

We ask that no ritual be photographed or recorded. We ask that no photos be taken anywhere else during camp without the permission of the people in the frame.

In the interest of keeping the container strong and to foster our connection with the wild, we ask that you leave your cell phones at home, in your locked car, or turned off in your tent (in case you need to use it for an alarm). If you need to turn on or use your phone for any reason, please step away from the main community areas and walk to some place private so as not to disturb others.

To read our camp policies, including our Conflict Engagement, Dog, Nudity, Refund, and Substance Use & Harm Reduction policies, please see our Camp Policies page.