Camp Finances

Wild Maine Witchcamp uses a Pay As You Can, No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds model. This means you can come and pay zero dollars and share the same experience with someone who pays $1,000. It also means we rely on those of you who can pay to do so. This is part of our magic and our activism.

The money we raise each year covers a week of truly amazing food with many local and organic ingredients, a beautiful venue, and skilled teachers and facilitators from our local community and around the country who come and offer their skills. As of 2019, $450 is our “break even” registration cost, with all the above info in mind. Folks who pay this amount are covering the cost of their food as well as their share of fixed costs such as site rental and teacher travel expenses. $200 is our “covering food” registration cost, meaning that you are covering the cost of your food, but not contributing towards other costs of camp. $500-1,000+ this is what makes camp possible. Folks who can pay over $450 are a critical part of our camp economy, as this amount helps to take on a greater share of the fixed facility and facilitator costs and enables us to welcome folks who would otherwise not be able to afford to come. Without folks paying larger amounts we would not have been able to run camp the last two years, thank you!

If you are experiencing financial abundance, or have supportive community you can reach out to, please consider financially contributing to camp. And if you have pledged to donate by/at camp, please consider doing so before camp starts; it will help us tremendously, as we’re still far from breaking even. Community financial support is what makes us able to co-create magic together each October.

To donate, please see our Donate to WMWC page.