Info For First Time Campers

For folks new to Witchcamps: This is a week long gathering that weaves together nature connection, earth based spirituality, and a culture of activism in these most interesting times.  In the mornings we will meet as Paths (like classes) led by Path Teachers, then in the afternoon there’s a more free form optional offering time, and in the evenings everyone will come together for big group rituals.  These rituals are a big part of how we move through the story, and each one will be collaborative and participatory with lots of community involvement both in the facilitation of the rituals and the planning before hand.  There will be many opportunities to connect with each other, the land, the earth, as well as plenty of opportunities to have alone time and meet our own personal needs whatever they may be.

For folks coming from other Witchcamps: There are a few things that make our camp special in it’s own way…we have a generally accessible location with flat ground and wheelchair accessible buildings, we are on the beautiful and amazing ocean, and we are a “pay what you can, no one turned away for lack of funds” camp.  We also have a strong theme of activism and connection to the natural world around us.  We are also a very new camp and welcome feedback and suggestions from folks who have experience with other camps.