Info For First Time Campers

For folks new to Witchcamps: This is a week long gathering that weaves together nature connection, earth based spirituality, and a culture of activism in these most interesting times.  In the mornings we will meet as Paths (like classes) led by Path Teachers, then in the afternoon there’s a more free form optional offering time, and in the evenings everyone will come together for big group rituals.  These rituals are a big part of how we move through the story, and each one will be collaborative and participatory with lots of community involvement both in the facilitation of the rituals and the planning before hand.  There will be many opportunities to connect with each other, the land, the earth, as well as plenty of opportunities to have alone time and meet our own personal needs whatever they may be.

For folks coming from other Witchcamps: There are a few things that make our camp special in it’s own way…we have a generally accessible location with flat ground and wheelchair accessible buildings, we are on the beautiful and amazing ocean, and we are a “pay what you can, no one turned away for lack of funds” camp.  We also have a strong theme of activism and connection to the natural world around us.  We are also a very new camp and welcome feedback and suggestions from folks who have experience with other camps.



What should I bring?

You should bring everything you would normally bring for a week when you will get to spend lot of time outside, as well as some extra witchy things that you might want at a Witchcamp.

Please bring:

  • Bedding & related camping gear
    • If you will be sleeping outside, bring a tent, warm sleeping bag(s), ground pad, and pillows.
    • If you will be sleeping in a cabin, bring all of the bedding you will need to make yourself comfortable on a small bed. This includes blankets or sleeping bags, pillow, etc. Extra blankets are always a good idea!
  • A flashlight or headlamp and extra batteries
  • Some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty in, so you can more fully enjoy the setting.
  • Warm, warm clothes. Maine is cold. Mulitple layers is a good idea so you can enjoy the warm midday weather and then pile them back on when it gets cool after sunset.
  • Warm socks!
  • Rain coat
  • Warm jacket or cloak for evening wear
  • Tarp, umbrella, and other shade/rain device
  • Practical footwear and an extra pair of shoes in case yours get wet
  • A hot water bottle!
  • Unscented biodegradable deodorants, soap, shampoos, etc.
  • Unscented sunscreen for clothing optional times if you need it
  • Towel
  • Bathing suit if you like cold water!
  • A small bag or backpack for carrying your things around
  • Medications that you take regularly, as well others you might need
  • Basic first aid kit with things you might need
  • Tick removal gear – tools, flashlight, and hand mirror if you have them
  • A water bottle and coffee/tea mug
  • Any special foods that will help sustain you, and a secure way to store them so that critters won’t get them. There will be no space in the kitchen to store them.  Snacks are always a great idea!
  • Chair or camp stool for back support (The ground will be available)
  • Dress-up clothes and ritual garb! You may wish to wear something special for a ritual, or just for fun. This is a wonderful place to express your self through clothing and cosmetics in adventurous ways!
  • Altar items representing the elements or honoring the story & the figures in it
  • Animal costumes and figurines to celebrate our heroes!
  • Magical tools
  • Ritual-space-making materials: fabrics, chimes, etc.
  • Battery powered candles
  • Journal & Writing implements
  • Drawing, crafting or other art materials
  • Instruments for fun and to assist our rituals, especially drums
  • Handcrafts and woods-craft tools such as pocket knives and bow drills
  • Any wonderful objects you would like to donate to our raffle
  • Anything you would like to sell during our market day, and a way to display it
  • Some cash for the market place and the raffle, and a way to pay any remaining portion of your registration fee
  • Anything to help make camp better for you – earplugs, a weighted blanket, dark sunglasses, ways to be extra warm, etc.
  • If you think you might like to participate in the Ancestor Wounds & Healing Path, we invite you to bring an item for our ancestor altar: it could be symbolic of your ancestor’s culture, a photo or memento, or anything else that is meaningful in your relationship to ancestors, however you might define that.
  • Anything else you want to share with your witchcamp community!

Please leave behind:

  • Scented products. There will be witches in attendance who experience chemical sensitivity and scented products, even essential oils, can make them sick. Remember: nobody expects you to smell like anything other than a human in the woods.
  • Recreational alcohol, marijuana, and other non-prescription drugs. Smoking is allowed off-site only. For more information on our alcohol and drug policies, see our Substance Use & Harm Reduction Policy found underneath the ‘Camp Policies’ tab.
  • Firearms and other weapons


Weather is a wild card, it can be sunny or rainy, calm or windy, warm or cold. Temperatures for Tenants Harbor average in the high 50-60’s during the day and lower 40’s at night. Please come prepared for warm weather during midday, cool weather at night, and potential cool rain!

Hazardous hosts

While the humans welcoming you would like for you to be extremely comfortable, you will also be visiting a variety of other creatures including:

  • Insects, notably Lyme disease-bearing ticks. The best way to evade ticks is to tuck your pants into your socks, your shirt into your pants, perhaps your hat into your shirt? Light colored clothing helps you spot them crawling on you. Doing a full body tick check at least every 24 hours will reduce the chance of infection.
  • Poison Ivy. Leaves of three, let it be.
  • Rodents. There will be snacks available at all times in the Dining Hall. If you would like to bring your own, make sure they are securely contained.
  • A variety of large mammals. Please drive carefully. (These are really a driving hazard, not an “at camp” one. No grizzly bears or such here!)