Theme & Story (2018)

Lif and Lífþrasir: Amid The Warring Forces of Ragnarök, How do Life and the Love of Life endure?

Ragnarök is a story about gods vying for supremacy and utterly destroying one another and the entire world in the process.

Our world is set upon by man-made gods of war and capitalism, colonialism and white supremacy. The fabric of Life itself is in peril of unraveling in the hands of their carelessness. Below the fray, into the mossy wood, and to the ocean’s edge, we seek out, we yearn for, and we defend Life.

How do we, the beings of Living Earth, caught in the ravages of war, survive and carry on the dreams of our foremothers?

We embody Lif (Life) and Lifthrasir (Seeker of Life), as we call upon our beloved human community to come with us into the wild, to seek out, to be in symbiosis, solidarity, and mutual aid with the Living Earth. In the ancient story, Lif and Lifthrasir go into the Tree of Life to be safe from the ravages of the Ragnarök. What wisdom does this story hold for us in this time? How do we “go into the trees?” How do we listen for and seek out life even as so much of our attention is captured by this war and ongoing catastrophe? What magical, spiritual, and practical skills do we cultivate as we seek to preserve and defend Life?

Let us pour ourselves into our sacred values, so our self-defense encompasses defense of all life.