Accommodations & Food

Accommodations / Sleeping Spaces

Camp will be located near Tenants Harbor, just South of Rockland. The site has a heated and centrally located dinning hall/kitchen space and a wide range of cabins and classroom spaces located near by.

As we indicated in your registration, our site has a few options of sleeping spaces. You are welcome to camp all over our beautiful site; there are many lovely spots to set up a tent or hammock in! You may also stay in one of the rustic cabins designed for group sleeping.  These have bunk beds sleeping up to 12 people.  For folks with accessibility needs, we have a limited number of sleeping spaces with access to electricity as well as a cabin with ramp access.  For more information about sleeping spaces and camp accessibility in general, please see our Accessibility Statement on our website and/or email us at

WMWC is a great place to consider engaging with your growing edges. If you have never camped in a tent before, perhaps this is the place that you could try out this new adventure in a low-stress environment! 


As attendees from past camps know, Wild Maine Witchcamp’s Kitchen Witches ensure our meals are unforgettable.

Our caterer, Enchanted Kitchen at Fire Fly Farm, is preparing our menu with seasonal food she grows on her certified organic farm and from other local farms in the community. Everything is made fresh with Maine grown and raised ingredients. Each day we will have beautiful food cooked by an amazing and talented kitchen team. We use as much local organic food as possible, bolstered by Maine’s thriving farming community. We also do our best to accommodate everyone’s food needs.

If your dietary needs have changed since you registered, please email us.