Wild Maine Witchcamp 2017 Intro / Front Page

Wild Maine Witchcamp 2017 (Oct 8th-14th) has completed. Thanks to all who participated!  The following page is retained for archival purposes

We hope those who participated – and the Reclaiming community at large – have been nourished by the energies of WMWC.

Wild Maine Witchcamp 2017

Though her errand is fearsome, is it a relief for Vasilisa to leave her stepmother’s house to wander the dark woods? How does she summon her bravery as she returns with the requested light and its unrequested effects? What is she thinking as she develops the skills to connect to a broader community?

Pick up your doll and venture into the woods with Vasilisa . . . Deepen the skills that sustain you in wild places . . . Allow the wisdom of your ancestors to guide you and receive the fierce mentorship of Baba Yaga . . . Give and receive the stern love of the Goddess who lives behind a fence of bones . . .

The Wild Maine Witchcamp is a gathering in the Reclaiming tradition, with specific values of inclusivity, physical & financial accessibility, and a deep connection with the Maine land as well as the earth in general.  Camp will be located in a beautiful forest on a stunning piece of coastline, with tall trees and beautiful beaches.

Physical accessibility: The main part of camp is wheelchair accessible, and much of the surrounding area has only a very gentle slope.  We anticipate making all camp-wide activities physically accessible for everyone.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Community Day!!!  We will be opening up camp to day visitors on Wed October 11th in the afternoon and evening, an email will go out to the mailing list with more exact info.

IF YOU ARE THINKING OF REGISTERING AND HAVE UNUSUAL FOOD NEEDS we might not be able to accommodate you at this point, but get in touch and we’ll see what we can do!  Thanks 🙂

For folks new to Witchcamps: This is a weeklong gathering that weaves together nature connection, earth based spirituality, and a culture of activism in these most interesting times.  During the week we will explore the story of Baba Yaga and Vasilisa, moving from begining to end of the story as we move from begining to end of the week.  In the mornings we will meet as Paths (like classes) led by Path Teachers, then in the afternoon there’s a more free form optional offering time, and in the evenings everyone will come together for big group rituals.  These rituals are a big part of how we move through the story, and each one will be collaborative and participatory with lots community involvement both in the facilitation of the rituals and the planning before hand.  There will be many opportunities to connect with each other, the land, the earth, as well as plenty of opportunities to have alone time and meet our own personal needs whatever they may be.

For folks coming from other Witchcamps: There are a few things that make our camp special in it’s own way…we have a generally accessible location with flat ground and wheelchair accessible buildings, we are on the beautiful and amazing ocean, and we are a “pay what you can, no one turned away for lack of funds” camp.  We also have a strong theme of activism and connection to the natural world around us.  We are also a very new camp and welcome feedback and suggestions from folks who have experience with other camps.

We would love to see you at camp! We still have space, and the deadline for registration is September 24th!


~ The following is some more in-depth info on the various parts of camp, with links to other pages that have even more information! Wow!


Led by experienced facilitators, these Paths (like classes) will meet each morning and work with a particular theme or skill set throughout the week. Paths will include a focus on the interconnection of activism, magic and spirituality, and deep rooted earth connection.

This year’s Paths will include: Dreaming in the Dark Wood, Elements of Magic, Gifts of the Baba Yaga, and Magical Activism.  For more info on Paths and Teachers check out: Paths and Teachers, and Ritual Facilitation 


This years Story is the Northern European tale of the Baba Yaga and Vasilisa, a story about a brave little girl who summons her courage and goes on a magical journey into the deep dark forest in search of the Baba Yaga.  We choose the story because it called to us, and because it’s old, and because the main characters are a little girl and a witch, and because a story of bravery and courage in a time of need felt particularly appropriate these days…and because the hut has chicken feet.

The story of Baba Yaga and Vasilisa can be found here, told in full…

Optional Offerings

Each afternoon will be filled (often over flowing) with one-off optional offerings.  Frequently focused on specific skills or topics of conversation, these offerings are a free-for-all and everyone is empowered to offer something!

Ritual Planning

Also in the afternoon, campers will be encouraged to help plan the camp-wide rituals.  A Ritual Facilitation team will be supporting this collaborative work, however we are striving to have our rituals as camper-led as possible!  Yay!

Evening Ritual

Each evening, we will gather as a camp for an evening ritual.  Facilitated by everyone, and with the support of a Ritual Facilitation team, these rituals will guide us through the story of Vasilisa and Baba Yaga as we go through the week of camp.

Facility and Communal Logistics

Camp will be located near Tenants Harbor, just South of Rockland.  The site has a heated and centrally located dinning hall/kitchen space and a wide range of cabins and classroom spaces located near by.  The land has a gentle slope towards the ocean and the central areas we will use are wheel chair accessible.  Camp is a collaborative endeavor, not an expensive retreat, and to keep costs low everyone will be pitching in to help camp go smoothly, from sweeping floors and washing dishes to making announcements, handing out name tags, and keeping the coffee pot going.  During the week there will be chances to provide feedback and we will be changing plans on the fly as needed in order to support the whole community in a good way.  There will be a lot going on, and we will also do our best to structure in open times so things don’t feel to busy.


We’ve already planted actual seeds that will become your food at Witchcamp!  Yay!  Each day we will have beautiful food cooked by an amazing and talented kitchen team.  We’ll be striving to use as much local organic food as possible, and considering our huge farming community we have high hopes here!  We will also be doing our best to accommodate everyone’s food needs. Please be in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns regarding special dietary requirements.

Wild Maine Witchcamp 2017 (Oct 8th-14th) has completed. Thanks to all who participated!  The previous page is retained for archival purposes